Travel tips for your day in Galle, Sri Lanka

Don’t you think it’s time to plan your next trip out of UK? and while you are at it how about a trip to the tropics?

Think about it! lying on the sandy beaches, soaking up that tropical sun while you are getting that tan you’ve been waiting for, wondering amidst the locals embracing their culture and the world known hospitality. Yes, you can easily travel to Sri Lanka from UK. The Visa process is not hectic and as a citizen of the United Kingdom you are eligible to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is the little island on the world map neighboring to India. The country is full of rich biodiversity and is known for its beautiful beaches surrounding the country, the lush greenery, scenic landscapes, rich historical monuments and ruins. One of the most common and sought-after destinations in Sri Lanka is Galle.

“Galle” is a famous city in the South coast of Sri Lanka amongst the locals and tourists for its beautiful coastal landscapes and the renowned Galle Fort. If you only have a day to spend and explore the south coast of Sri Lanka Galle is must visit destination. It is rich in multicultural diversity and historical value.

Back in 1505 the island was invaded by the Portuguese and was called “Ceilao” but with the British invasion in 1802 it was called “Ceylon” and the name lasted through independence (in 1948) until 1972 when it became Sri Lanka.

One of the famous attractions in Galle is the “Galle Fort” built in 1588 by the Portuguese, captured by the Dutch later and then by the British in 1796. The fort prevented many attacks from colonial competitions from both land and sea and to-date while you walk along the fort the scars from these historical battles are visible.

We offer tour packages to Galle from UK covering tropical experience, historical importance and some for the foodie travelers.

There are many cafes along the ancient streets of Galle fort, many beautiful Instagram worthy shops, wall arts to cafes. There are many little street markets filled with local vendors selling handcrafts and other locally significant items. It is sight and a beautiful experience.

For those who are interested in learning about the historical importance we also arrange visits to the maritime archeological museum in Galle, the old Dutch Hospital, All saints church.

Then the most important and must visit experience is the beaches of this beautiful island and we definitely plan your itinerary including a visit to a close by beach. One such beautiful beach is the Jungle beach.

Its time! pack up your tropical wear, sunscreen and get in touch with us to plan your next trip to Sri Lanka.