Top fun things to do in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands’. It is popular for its historic heritage, enhanced canal system, narrow houses with world-class museums, quirky festivals, theatre, live music, laid-back bars and delightful restaurants, which are the legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Have the slightest idea of visiting Amsterdam? We can offer you the best Amsterdam Tour Package in town at the most economical rate possible.


What are the top attractions in Amsterdam?

Among the top attractions in Amsterdam, we present to you the best out of the best. Which are,

Anne Frank House

  • The Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank, who wrote all her cruel wartime experiences that is a world-renowned book at present.
  • Found by Otto Frank this place is a famous tourist site visited by 1.3 million tourists in 2016 as per the records.


A’dam Lookout

  • A’dam lookout is an observation deck with an unrivaled view of Amsterdam. We will be able to see the city’s historical center, its fluctuating port, also the unique Dutch polder landscape and while spotting the famous canals.
  • Tickets are priced at:-
    • Adults – 12€
    • Children – 6€
    • Extra Swing – 5€


What are the best outdoor activities in Amsterdam?

We don’t go on tours to stay indoors. These are the perfect outdoor activities for our Amsterdam Tours.


  • Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe. It is among the world’s largest flower gardens which is situated in the town of Lisse, in Holland. Keukenhof Park covers an area of 32 hectares and approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the gardens annually as per the records.
  • The best time to visit Keukenhof Gardenslast is the last 2 weeks of April and the first week of May. But it may differ due to the changing weather.

The Herengracht

  • The Herengracht is considered to be the most important canal in the city which is the second of four Amsterdam canals belonging to the canal belt. It lies between the Singel and the Keizersgracht.
  • It was constructed by the world reputed architect Philips Vingboons.


What can couples do in Amsterdam?

There’s no fun if there’s no romance in it. We have the ideal spots for your romance to blossom.


Tour the canals on a pedal boat.

  • With zero-emission and loads of fun, pedal yourself with your loved one down the canal while witnessing the most enchanting surroundings.
  • Tickets starting at a low rate of € 9.


Catch a movie at Pathé Tuschinski.

  • Relish yourself at a movie while feeling the warmth of your beloved by your side.
  • Movies showcased after 4.30 pm onwards.


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