Aero Travels provides over 15 tour packages to many destinations around the world. From Europe to Asia to Americas, you can travel with us to any destination you desire with the highest quality facilities and value-added inclusions.

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Most popular Asian holiday packages from UK are to tropical destinations in Bali, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand and Maldives. Europe tour packages are available to the romantic Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, a special package to Tenerife, Spain, Venice, and Rome in Italy (separate tours) and the very popular Amsterdam in Netherlands. Also a tour package to Kyiv – Ukraine is available with a unique experience.

Exciting tour packages to Africas take you to Nairobi in Kenya and beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. These packages will give you unique experiences combined with wildlife and sightseeing attractions in the metro cities. More cheap tour packages are available to one of the popular Western destinations, USA. Aero Travels has curated tour packages from UK to the very lively Las Vegas and an escape to the beautiful New York City.

If you have a specific destination that you would like to travel to, we can curate a tour package customized to meet all your requirements. From a variety of hotels around the world, all above 3-star, we guarantee you the best rates with no hidden charges. Book tour packages online via Aero Travels for the best travel experiences around the world and value for money.

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Rome – Italy

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Venice Tour Package

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