Rome & Venice Holiday

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Rome & Venice Holiday Itinerary

Day 1

Begin your Holiday

  • Fly from the UK to Rome and check in to the Hotel of your preference. Unpack and start your summer vacation in Italy with plenty to explore.
Day 1

Day 2

Pompeii Tour

  • Enjoy the Pompeii tour – Skip the Line Entrance with Audio guide from Rome. You can add more tours on your stay in Rome and enjoy your vacation.
Day 2

Day 3

Explore Rome

  • You can explore Rome, look for what it has to offer for the tourists, go out on a dinner night and have a great vacation in Rome.
Day 3

Day 4

Departing from Rome

  • After an amazing 3 nights stay in Rome, it’s time for you to head out to Venice.
Day 4

Day 5

Arriving at Venice

  • Check in to the Hotel of your preference in Venice. Unpack and continue your summer vacation in Italy.
Day 5

Day 6

Boat Excursion from Venice

  • Enjoy the Boat Excursion to 3 islands Murano, Burano,Torcello from Venice. You can add more tours on your stay in Venice and enjoy your vacation.
Day 6

Day 7

Departing from Venice

  • After a memorable Summer vacation in Rome & Venice, it’s time for your return from Italy to the UK.
Day 7


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Holiday in Rome and Venice FAQ

The average flying distance from Rome to Venice is 394km which is equal to 245 miles. However, if you wish to drive there, the average driving distance between the two is 536km. There is a difference of 142km between flying and driving from Rome to Venice.

Both Rome and Venice are excellent cities. Rome is rich in history, culture and has significant religious importance. The city is buzzing with museums, historic monuments, iconic landmarks, art and charming streets. It is the perfect blend of history and modernity. Venice on the other hand is famed for its myriad canals that connect the city and it is truly unique to itself. It also has beautiful bridges, gondola rides, striking architecture and it’s one of the best places to try classic Italian dishes.
Thus, the choice of which city is better depends solely on your preference. If you are planning to escape to Italy over a long weekend and take some gram-worthy pictures, then Venice is the ideal city for you. However, if you are planning a longer stay or if you are a fan of historic sites, churches and art, then Rome will definitely be the better choice for you. Nevertheless, a holiday in Rome and Venice is definitely something you should experience at least once.

You must spend a maximum of 5 - 7 days in Rome to fully explore the city in its entirety. However, if time is of the essence, at least 3 days in Rome is a must. A short stay won’t allow you to explore much but you will be able to see a good portion of all the main attractions. On the other hand, spending  2 – 3 days in Venice would be sufficient to explore the many highlights this city has to offer.

Rome is a city that you can visit all year round and enjoy to the fullest. However, some of the best times to visit both Rome and Venice are from April to June and September to October. These months usually have comfortable temperatures and the crowds are not too intense either.

Rome is much cheaper than Venice in terms of accommodation and food. You will be able to find cheap yet, comfortable accommodation and excellent food at affordable prices if you search well. Furthermore, Rome is a city that you can visit all year round, which gives you the opportunity to visit even during off-peak times at cheaper rates, however, Venice is not. Thus, when considering a holiday in Rome and Venice, Rome is considered the cheaper option.

Venice is much smaller than Rome, which makes it a more intimate and romantic destination. It is in fact one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Venice is much more laid back especially during the evening and is very beautiful.  You can go on a gondola ride with your loved one with the sunset as the backdrop while admiring memorizing architecture in every corner. Venice is definitely a fairytale experience that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Rome and Venice are both two of Europe’s most family-friendly cities. Venice with its canals, gondolas, ancient alleyways as well as lack of vehicles will give a unique experience to children. Rome on the other hand with its layers of history and chaos will draw you into some kind of action wherever you go and keep children entertained. Thus, a holiday in Rome and Venice will definitely be a family favourite.

The best way to get from Rome to Venice is by train. Not only is it convenient, but also scenic. The train distance between the two cities is 330 miles. Some high-speed trains cover this journey in less than 4 hours while slower trains take up to 6 hours.

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