Project Heal

"For a better tomorrow"

We all fail to remember the fact that Mother Earth is our only home and hope for survival. She protects, feeds and shelters us without any discrimination. Since, for Mother Earth we are all her children who she deeply cares for. However, we are taking her for granted.

Save Mother Earth

But, what are we doing to her?

We are destroying our Earth by crushing or in better term eliminating her best resources. We cut down trees, trees that provides us food, water, medicine and even the air we breathe. We don’t only stop here but we also gruesomely punish wildlife animals by slaughtering them, animals that brings us beauty, a positively emotional environment, companionship and even free us from our stressful life.

So, why do we need to end these beautiful living organisms of Mother Earth? Organisms that are trying to save us.

How Are We Going To Heal Mother Earth?

The first step to heal Mother Earth is to plant more trees. If we have the time to scroll through social media why can’t we give our time to plant trees? Which, unlike the social media, trees save our life.

Next, we need to stop killing the wildlife in the name of hunting, if we put a stop to it, we will definitely see and sense the most aesthetic environment.

Finally, we got to end deforestation, so that we could decrease the number of animals getting endangered, have more oxygen to breathe, reduce global warming, produce a large quantity of food, find medicines to cure current diseases and many more.

Save the Wildlife
Save Earth

How Aero Travels Is Going To Heal Her?

So, we, Aero Travels, are very much motivated to go one step ahead by going through the process of collaborating with 2 not-for-profit organizations, Team Trees and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). By teaming up with them we are looking forward in contributing to save Mother Earth by giving back her trees and wildlife.

Hence, we pledge to plant a tree and donate towards wildlife for holiday booking made.

New science informs Mother Earth requires immediate restoration, and if we don’t by 2030 we might be exposed to dangerous global warming and unravelling ecosystem.

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