UK tavel agents’ list of absolute must-dos if you’re planning on ridin’ solo to the Big Apple

If you think you need to have a big group to have a buzzing time in New York, think again!! New York City is definitely one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world.

It is a magnet for countless travel bugs around the globe and is most certainly a hotspot for solo travellers as well. Take a New York minute and read this article about the absolute must-dos if you are travelling solo to the City of Dreams.

New York is definitely a sight for sore eyes. It is a brilliant spectacle unlike any other that leaves travellers begging for more. Fashion, art, architecture, history, entertainment… you name it, New York’s got it. Thus, a solo trip to New York is the ideal way to absorb its beauty and glamour.

New York solo travel

Is New York a cheap holiday destination?

Truth be told, New York is not the cheapest of destinations to travel to. Transport, food, accommodation can all be quite expensive. However, if you are on a shoestring budget, well, fear not as there are plenty of budget-friendly sights to see and things to do in this magnificent city.

It is also always better to inquire about any New York holiday deals that may be up for grabs. If you think smart and manage your expenses, you will be able to ensure that the Big Apple doesn’t take a big bite off your wallet.

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Is The City of Dreams a safe holiday destination for solo female travellers?

Although the thought of solo female travel to New York City may sound daunting it is actually perfectly safe. As long as you use your common sense and be vigilant of your surroundings, you are good to go. So ladies, don’t let fear hold you back from travelling to the beautiful city of Dreams.

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10 exciting things to do during your New York solo travel

We at Aero travels are here to make your travel experience fun and easy as possible by being an informative travel blog. Here we have a handpicked list of things for you to do while in New York that is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories in this iconic city to last a lifetime.

1. Take a stroll around Central park, or better yet hire a bike and cycle around it.

Central Park is a breath of fresh air that exists amidst the concrete jungle of New York City. Many events take place all year round at this exciting park adding much colour to it.

If walking seems too tedious, well, hire a bike and ride through the peaceful pathways that wind right around the grounds. This is sure to be a tranquil experience you’d never expect in the heart of one of the most busiest cities in the world.

2. Get a hint of what it feels like to be at The MET.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the home to the world-famous MET Gala or as they say; “fashion’s biggest night out”. That alone is more than enough reason why this should be at the top of your list.

This magnificent spectacle is home to some of the most extraordinary pieces of fine art in the world. Thus, it is best browsed at your own pace and rhythm and is sure to unleash the art connoisseur in you.

3. Cross that (Brooklyn) bridge when you get there.

Brooklyn Bridge is a historical, architectural beauty that links Brooklyn to Manhattan. This iconic landmark is mesmerizing in its self and offers a beautiful site of the cityscape. Don’t miss out on walking along this iconic bridge as it will definitely be one of the best experiences in this magical city.

4. Snap a picture at the bustling Times Square.

Times Square New York City is definitely one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.  It can be looked upon as the beating heart of New York City, always busy, always crowded, and always exciting. Although you’ve seen it a million times in movies, it will not do justice to the real spectacle it truly is. Times Square is a representation of true New York spirit, so don’t miss out.

5. Soak up the rich history at the iconic Grand Central Terminal.

Step into the golden age of architecture and engineering at the Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. This legendary place is not only a railway terminal but a huge part of New York City providing a mixture of history, culture, shopping and dining experiences.

Soak up this historical wonder and don’t forget to snap a picture with New York’s most famous clock, the iconic four-faced brass clock at Grand Central Terminal.

6. Pay a visit to the Lady with the Lamp.

The Statue of Liberty is probably the epitome of New York City, resembling freedom and hope for all alike. Hop on a ferry and experience this iconic monument in all its glory. Being a solo traveller you will be able to take time and engage fully as you explore this historical landmark.

New York Solo Travel
7. Take a breather at The Strand.

If you’re a bookworm like us and want to get away for a while from the hustle and bustle, The Strand is the place to go. This amazing bookshop featured in the Netflix series ‘Dash and Lily’ is home to a variety of books for you to browse through. It’s the perfect place to chill and get lost in a book in the heart of New York City.

8. Catch a musical on Broadway.

“Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now” – Hamilton

Music, lights, choreography, glamour… Broadway is one of the main reasons people love New York City. There’s something so magical about watching actors bring a story and all its emotions alive onstage in real-time.  A Broadway show is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

9. Watch the sunset from The High Line.

The High Line is a linear oasis of grassy paths sprawled over an old railway track. This magical design is an attraction worth witnessing when visiting New York alone. Take your time and take in all the stunning views of New York City. The sunset from The High Line offers a beautiful sight worth seeing, so don’t miss out.

10. Treat yourself at New York City’s Chelsea Market.

It is no secret that New York City is known for its wide variety of food. Chelsea Market is its very own epic food hall, home to some of New York City’s finest food vendors. Don’t miss out on this one-stop destination for all you foodies and shopaholics.

There you have it, the absolute must-dos on your New York City solo travel. Travelling alone to The Big Apple is your best chance to step out of your comfort zone and discover yourself.

There is so much that this magnificent city has to offer to solo travellers, so don’t miss out on any New York holiday packages. In our opinion, going to New York by yourself is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

“These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you..”