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  • Fly from the UK to Cambodia.
  • Check in to the Pacific Hotel Phnom Penh.
  • Unpack and start your tour in Cambodia with plenty to explore.
Day 1

Day 2 - 5

Killing Fields Tour

  • Start with having your morning breakfast at the hotel.
  • Take a tour to the Killing Fields and Prison S21 from Phnom Penh.
  • You can add more tours to your holiday in Cambodia.
Day 2 - 5

Day 6

Departing from Cambodia

  • Start with having your morning breakfast at the hotel.
  • Start packing for your return from Phnom Penh to the UK.
  • That’s an unforgettable Dark Holiday!
Day 6

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FAQs When Booking a Holiday to Cambodia Killing Fields

Cambodia, a breathtaking country in South Asia, welcomes visitors to witness its stunning natural beauty and amazing architecture. This beautiful land is home to many wonders such as glorious beaches, thick forests, mesmerizing culture and ancient temples. However, as with all things nice and beautiful, there is also a dark history surrounding this country that cannot be forgotten. The Cambodia Killing Fields saw one of the most brutal mass murders of the twentieth century which was carried out by the vicious dictator Pol Pot. The sites of these mass killings are now preserved to educate locals and tourists about the horrific history of Cambodia with hopes of never letting history repeat itself. Thus, the Cambodia Killing Fields should definitely be on your list of must-visit destinations.

There are more a number of Killing Fields scattered all over Cambodia.  However, the most popular one which is the Killing Field of ‘Choeung Ek’ is located nine miles from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

The estimated range of the total death toll was between 1.7 million – 3 million people, with the consensus being approximately 2 million.

The Cambodia Killing Fields are a number of sites in Cambodia where over a million people were murdered and buried by the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 – 1979.

Since the Killing Field of ‘Choeung Ek’ is located nine miles away from Phnom Penh, you can get there in about 45 – 60 minutes from the city centre. However, this may vary depending on traffic. You can visit the Killing Fields by public bus, as a part of a tour, and by tuk-tuk or taxi.

There are over 300 Killing Fields scattered all around Cambodia.

Between the years 1975 and 1979 the Khmer Rouge regime ruled Cambodia under the leadership of dictator Pol Pot. During this time Pol Pot attempted to create a Cambodian “master race” through social engineering. However, this ultimately led to the death of more than 2 million people in Cambodia, through starvation, torture, disease, overwork and execution. This dark period of time is known as the Cambodian Genocide.

Of course, you can and you undoubtedly should, if you are visiting Cambodia. Travelling is not only about visiting beautiful destinations, relaxing and having fun. There are times when we should expose ourselves to uncomfortable destinations in order to enhance our knowledge and understanding about the world as well as to question ourselves and our value systems.

Visiting the Cambodia Killing Fields will not be fun. It will definitely be a disturbing and emotional experience. However, we believe that it is important that you visit such places in order to gain a better understanding of a country as well as humanity.

The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting the Killing Fields is that it should NOT be viewed as a tourist attraction. Instead, you should remember that it is a mass grave and a memorial site which makes it a very serious place. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you behave appropriately and are very respectful to the site and its history as well as to fellow tourists.

We have put together a list of things that we strongly believe you should follow when visiting the Killing Fields:

  1. Dress appropriately – Ensure that your clothes do not expose your back, shoulders, knees or midriffs as such attire is not permitted. Further, the dress code mentions that sleeveless tops, crop tops, shorts or skirts that are above the knee and skin-tight clothing are prohibited at the site.
  2. Do not make any loud noises – Visitors are advised to be mindful of their surroundings and to stay quiet throughout their time at the Killing fields.
  3. Do not take anything from the site – It goes without saying that you are not allowed to take any bones or other items from the site. They are NOT souvenirs.
  4. Remove your shoes before walking up the steps to enter the Memorial Stupa Tower which houses thousands of skulls and is one of the most important points of the Killing Fields visit.
  5. Use your common sense.

The best time to visit the Killing Fields is in the morning because the air is much cooler and it is less crowded.

It is not mandatory to have a guide as an audio guide is included in the entry ticket and it is said to be excellent. However, if you are a part of a tour, a guide may be included in the cost.

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