Holidaymakers face chaos as key destinations are added to UK’s quarantine list

Are you a holidaymaker eager to finally get away for the season? Would you mind spending 14 days in self-isolation once you return from you holiday destinations to the UK? Well, if you don’t, then think twice before choosing your next travel destination.

  • Can you travel to Turkey?
  • Removal of destinations from travel Corridor is a blow for tour operators.
  • Already booked your holiday? Why not to worry?
  • What will effect your future travel plans?
Concerned of holiday destinations

Turkey and Poland are among the key hotspots that were removed from the UK’s travel corridor and added to the quarantine list. Thus, as UK travel agents, it is our responsibility to shed some light on the latest travel advisory updates and how it would impact your holiday plans.

Read how you can be safe while Travelling.

Is Turkey open for Travel?

Turkey is open to tourists from all countries. However, Turkey travel from UK has become tricky as 14 days of self-isolation after returning has become a must.

This is due to the mysteriously low number of infection rates that were reported from Turkey in the past few months. Health officials were baffled and concerned that Turkish authorities may be concealing the true infectious rates.

Meanwhile, Poland’s infection rate has spiked above the safety level deemed by the Government. As a result, it has also been added to UK’s quarantine list, directing Brits returning from Poland to self-isolation. It is also noteworthy that any breach of self-isolation after returning from any of these destinations could lead to serious fines, up to £10,000.

Why Turkey’s removal from the travel corridor is a big blow on British tour operators

Turkey was one of the few remaining popular destinations from which people could arrive in the UK without being quarantined. It was also one of the key destinations for airports and airlines. As a result, the loss of yet another winter sun favourite will add more pressure on the already struggling sector.

Furthermore, although travel companies are offering cheap holidays to Turkey and attractive holiday package deals, travellers are now asking “is it worth booking a trip at all?”

What to do if you’ve already obtained flight and hotel deals?

Puzzled choosing the right holiday destinations

First and foremost, you can always proceed with your travel plans if you are ready to comply with the rules and regulations of self-isolation. However, this may be problematic for many travellers. Therefore, take a look at the list of guidelines we have curated on how you can make the best of this very bitter situation.

  • If your flight is cancelled, you will most likely be entitled to a refund.
  • If you’re having second thoughts about travelling, you may have to negotiate with the airline. They most likely will not offer a refund, so be prepared to settle for another option.
  • You will need to negotiate with the hotel. If a refund is off the table, you will have to find a compromise.
  • If you have obtained a Turkey travel package, get in touch with your travel agency. They will provide you with the best options.

How will this impact your future travel plans?

As the disappearance of COVID-19 is very unlikely in the foreseeable future, travel to and from the UK will become more restricted with time. Government officials have repeatedly expressed that it is ill-advised to travel both domestically and internationally, unless it is for essential travel.

However, if you are a travel junkie and even a pandemic can’t hold you back, ensure that you adhere to strict safety guidelines and follow all imposed rules and regulations.

Here’s a list of countries UK travellers can still visit without quarantine on either end.

Best holiday destinations

In conclusion, it is in fact a dark time for UK travel agents as well as holidaymakers. With the removal of Turkey and Poland from the travel corridor list, many travellers were left perplexed on what to do for the upcoming holidays.

As mainstream holiday destinations of UK holidaymakers, the loss of these two destinations has made a huge impact in the travel sector. However, as travellers, you must first ensure your safety as well as others, by adhering to the rules and regulations imposed by the government and taking all the necessary precautions.

Travel to these mainstream destinations may have hit the curb, but as the famous idiom goes: all ‘travel’ is not lost. Take this opportunity to explore a new destination and fall in love with a new and wonderful place.

Key Takeaways.

  • Even though you have already obtained flight and hotel deals, you still can travel with self quarantining or you could go with refund options.
  • You still have plenty of other destinations to look for your holiday getaway.