Going on a trip to Venice? Here are 5 popular things you can do.


Life is something to be enjoyed while still breathing. People visit all around the world for the sake of enjoyment. Out of all these touristy places Why you should choose a Venice tour?

Venice is unique when compared to other cities, being the capital of northern Italy’s region. It has no roads and consists of canals which makes traveling around even more exciting with a little boat ride. The Venice tour package is a great combination for those who just love intriguing experiences.

Here are the five most popular things you could do to give yourself a mesmerizing experience while your stay in Venice.

1. Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Foremost you can visit the world-renowned Saint Mark’s Basilica the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. It has an ornamented roofline that is mostly Gothic.

  • The interior has a very grandeur display making the place look more royal.
  • The music that plays around which was first developed by a foreigner, Adrian Willaert, and was continued by Italian organists and composers are just so heart touching.


2. Museo Correr.

After a spiritual wakening be amused at the Museo Correr which is a major aspect in the Venice tour package that takes you back to the past with its ancient sculptures and drawings.

  • This is one of the famous museums located in Venice which combines both art and history of Venice.


3. Teatro La Fenice.

Then you can indulge yourself in a solo performance at the Teatro La Fenice, the most glorious Italian theatre you can visit.

  • It was continuously destroyed and built until 2004 when it was officially completed and re-opened to showcase it’s awe-inspiring acts once again.


4. Ponte della Costituzione.

While on your Venice tour you can walk ahead on a splendid bridge rather than a boring road.

  • Ponte della Costituzione is the 04th bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.
  • It has an amazing view connecting the railway station (Stazione Santa Lucia) and the Grand canal.


5. Caribe Bay.

As the final stop let it be a place to soothe your tiresome body after a marvelous Venice tour that is Caribe Bay.

  • It is not that popular place everyone knows but the hidden treasure only a few know
  • It is a great place for a dip with a marvelous meal to satisfy your taste-buds.


So why the delay? Start your Venice tour today and let your days be cherished.