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</p> <p>New York is an incredible city full of unique charms and appeals. A tour in this iconic city will surely remain unforgotten for many long years. There is so much to do, see and experience here for sure.</p> <p>The Met, MoMA as well as the Guggenheim are among the top attractions that you must visit if you are a lover of the arts. The galleries of Chelsea and Lower East Side are also quite popular among the tourists as well as the locals.</p> <p>You should also have a walking tour arranged in New York City to experience its vibrant culture. There are so many facets to this incredible city that you will be truly amazed during your tour. The Greenwich Village, Upper West Side and the Chinatown are places that are truly quite appealing in this city.<br /> The nightlife in New York is also quite enthralling. There are rock concerts and opera productions taking place throughout the city so you will surely be able to find ample entertaining ways to spend the late hours of the night.</p> <p>Be sure to experiment with the food scene in New York too. There are plenty of great restaurants in the city serving tantalizing delicacies which will delight you.

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