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Beautiful Venice is one of Italy’s top attractions. This remarkable city has a unique culture and heritage which makes it a tourist magnet. Of course, as many people are well aware, Venice has no roads accessible by car. It is known as the ‘Floating City’ for this reason. There are 118 islands here in Venice which are all connected by an impressive network of canals and bridges. The Grand Canal of Venice has a length of 3.8 kilometres and it runs through the entire city.</p> <p>Your tour in Venice will be incomplete without a thrilling Gondola ride. This is one of the most romantic experiences that you can have in the city for sure. The gondolier will be singing songs as well as he takes you on your idyllic tour. These hauntingly beautiful tunes will only serve to enhance the romantic appeal of your experience.</p> <p>You should also take time to explore the Gothic architecture of Venice. If you partner with a leading tour operator here, it will be quite easy for you to visit the leading monuments and buildings in the city which showcase the grandiosity of Italian architecture.

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