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</p> <p>Florence is a delightful city full of character and charm. A tour in this beautiful city will surely remain etched in your memory for a very long time. There are gorgeous cultural attractions to visit and remarkable Tuscan cuisine to try out. So your travel experience in Florence will surely be quite enthralling. Needless to say, the city is an ideal one for romantic getaways.</p> <p>The arts and architecture of Florence need to be explored thoroughly to understand and appreciate the culture of the land. The Renaissance architecture beautifies the winding lanes of Florence so perfectly. There are candle-lit chapels to explore as well as marble basilicas to witness. Your city tour will surely be filled with delightful surprises from beginning to end.</p> <p>Of course the city of Florence offers delightful shopping thrills to all. There are lots of popular boutique shops in Florence that you can visit to buy some unique wares. Italy’s fashion industry is believed to have been created in Florence after all so look forward to some exclusive pieces!</p> <p>The food scene in Florence is quite colourful too. The local dishes are tantalizingly flavoured with a range of spices and herbs so you will surely be able to relish some unique treats

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