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</p> <p>Denpasar is the bustling and vibrant capital city of Bali Island. The Bali Arts Festival which attracts large numbers of locals and tourists is also held here in Denpasar annually.</p> <p>There are many great attractions that you can visit here in Denpasar so your travel experience will be quite colourful. Among the top landmarks here places like Bali Museum, Puputan Square, Bajra Sandhi Monument and the Bali Hotel are very popular. You can get in touch with a leading tour operator in the city to have a comprehensive tour arranged with immense ease.</p> <p>There are many charming Hindu temples interspersed among the small village homes. Albeit its reputation as the largest city in Bali, it charmingly retains its peaceful atmosphere. Of course, the traffic can be quite bad here so come prepared for it!</p> <p>You will be able to witness the charm and beauty of Bali’s incredible culture as you visit the two open-air amphitheatres of the place. Dance and music performances regularly take place here, giving tourists a chance to delve into the rich culture of the area. The Kecak performance which is staged here every night attracts large numbers of tourists.


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