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</p> <p>Greece is frequently ranked among the top travel destinations in the world for very good reasons. This magnificent country has so much to offer to all those who visit it from all corners of the world. The glorious weather which is characteristic of the country, the incredible ruins as well as the exotic cuisine of the country help all tourists create truly colourful holiday memories.</p> <p>There are plenty of charming attractions that you can visit as you travel in Greece. Ancient outdoor theatres, Delphi and Meteora’s monasteries are some of the most popular attractions here. You should also consider spending sometime in the great and glorious outdoors too. There is a myriad of things that you can do while exploring the outdoors of Greece so nature lovers will truly be thrilled. The white sandy shores invite locals and tourists by their numbers while adventure sports like wreck diving and kite surfing offer exhilarating thrills to adrenaline junkies.</p> <p>Be sure to experiment with the kaleidoscope of flavours that Greece’s cuisine promises. The exotic herbs of the land render distinctive flavours to the dishes so your taste buds will surely be tantalised.

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