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We at Aero Travels take pride in being one of the most experienced and customer-oriented online travel agents in the UK. Being travel enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the need of finding a reliable, safe and trusted travel service provider. That is why our team at Aero Travels takes extra measures to provide not only a safe and pleasant holiday but also an unforgettable experience, to all our customers.

We believe that travelling shouldn’t be a luxury enjoyed by a few. For that reason, at Aero Travels, we are keen on sharing the wonders of the world with our clientele, at affordable prices. We are strongly committed to providing our customers with high-quality services that are good value for money.


How do we set ourselves apart from the others?

The services we provide our customers are similar to most online travel agents. However, what sets Aero Travels apart from other travel companies is our strong organizational culture.

The primary motive of our travel agency is adding value to our clientele in every possible aspect, wholeheartedly and intentionally. We strive to build a long-lasting bond with each and every one of our customers because relationships mean a lot to us. As a result, we take the time to get to know you and provide flexible and personalized services to ensure you have the perfect holiday.

At Aero Travels, our vision is continuous improvement in adding value to our audience/ blog readers, inquirers, airline partners, suppliers and even the frequent window shoppers. This has enabled us to create an organic relationship with our many stakeholders.

Our Services and How they add value to our customers

  • Variety and Reliability


    At Aero Travels, our customers are provided with a multitude of services under one roof. We also provide an extensive array of irresistible holiday package deals that are not only appealing but also affordable. Furthermore, we have taken careful measures to ensure that our site is user-friendly. Hence, customers can easily navigate through our website and book their flights, conveniently, irrespective of what type of travel it may be.


    All our travel products are carefully curated in order to provide unique and high-quality experiences for our customers. We make certain that our clientele is met with the best of the best when it comes to travelling with us.


  • Travel Expertise

    We provide travel arrangements to numerous holiday destinations around the world. We also allow our customers to customize their holidays to best suit their needs. As a result, you can obtain bespoke travel experiences with our expert knowledge and input.


    If you’ve got an extra special holiday coming up, but have no time to plan and get it going, or need advice on possible destinations and travel arrangements, our team of travel agents are just one call away. We are always ready to listen to our customers and offer our insight to make their holiday dreams a reality. As a result, we will tailor-make special travel arrangements just for you to ensure that your special holiday is ‘extra’ special.


    To maximize your experience with Aero Travels, we also have our very own travel blog to provide you with interesting and informative articles about destinations and all things travel related. This blog was initiated by us to add more value to the services we provide our customers and consequently add more value to their overall experience with us.


  • If you need us, we’ll be there


    We at Aero Travels are not just trained to sell our products to customers but more importantly to serve them. We believe that your experience with us begins at the very first moment you contact us. Hence, our team of travel gurus are ready to serve you at any time of any day. You can simply call, email, WhatsApp or message to get in touch with us to inquire about our multitude of services, to find out about our holiday package deals or even for free travel advice. Serving our customers in any and every way and assuring them that we care, gives us the utmost pleasure.


  • Transparency and trust


    We at Aero Travels believe that being transparent is the only and best way to build our customers’ trust and loyalty. We do not include any additional taxes or hidden charges for any of our travel products or services. As a result, the prices mentioned for all our travel products are true and transparent.

    Additionally, we provide our customers with the option of booking holidays with low deposits. We understand the financial difficulties faced in the modern world, nevertheless, we believe that none of our customers should miss out on a travel opportunity at any cost. Hence, by booking a holiday with one of our low deposit options, you would be able to reserve your much longed for holiday and secure it at a minimum rate.


    All Aero Travel flights and holidays are ATOL certified. This guarantees that you are financially protected at all times.


    Therefore, travel with us and we will ensure that you have a seamless experience, starting from the moment you contact us till the very end of your journey.


As a subsidiary of Aero Travel Groups Limited, Pinoy Travels takes pride in being one of the most experienced and customer-oriented travel agents serving for the Filipino Travellers in the UK.


Holiday Bookings

We provide tailor made holiday bookings which match the needs of the customer.

Travel Advice

We provide value added travel advice to passengers who are looking to travel.

Flight Bookings

We provide flight bookings to passengers from the UK connecting to the world.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurances to cover your holiday from any financial risks.

Cruise Bookings

We provide cruise bookings for passengers who are looking go on a cruise holiday.

Visa Consultation

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Our Location

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