10 interesting facts about Cape Town, South Africa

Located on a peninsula beneath the table mountains in South Africa’s southwest coast is the famous port city “Cape Town”. The city at a glance is filled with slowly rotating cable cars climbing the mountain flat tops offering breathtaking picturesque views of the little city, the busy harbor and the famous prison that once imprisoned Nelsen Mandela (a living museum today).

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Cape town also known as the mother city is famous for its beaches, Table Mountains, Robben Island and beautiful sunsets (and sunrises).

Visit Table Mountain

Being one of the most attracted tourists spots the climb up this iconic landmark is worth your time. The adventurous traveler in you might prefer to hike but you also have the possibility to hope on a cable car. The view is breathtakingly beautiful however, all depends on the cloud cover at the time of the climb. A little fun fact about this location is that it is 1860 meters high and is estimated that at least two couple get engaged every month on top of the mountain.


A botanical garden sloping down from the Table Mountain through the lush greenery suburbs of cape town spans over 1300 acres. This place is most sought after by travelers who prefer some birdwatching, breathtaking views.

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art

Home to the largest collection of contemporary African art on the continent.

Boulders Beach

Ideal for a coastal walk as this shoreline is a sandy stretch in the cape peninsula with rocky outcrops and wild waves (hence, not so suitable for swimming). It is main attraction point due to the African Penguins waddling around.

Robben Island

Known for the imprisonment of the famous Nelson Mandela (27 years of sentence) is today a UNESCO world heritage site. It is prison museum and significant for the horrific yet historical importance.

Neighbourgoods Market

A popular trendy Saturday food market. This has allowed many small food businesses to emerge and one could easily experience a variety of South Africa’s cuisine.

Kalk Bay

A colorful suburban area with a selection of shops along the seafronts selling knick-knacks and other little South African cultural hand crafts (these are items which are not necessary but touristy)

Norval Foundation

is a underrated museum showcasing private family collections. This holds permanent and temporary exhibitions and is definite choice of the art lovers

Cape Floral Kingdom

World’s smallest floral kingdom containing approximately 9,600 plants and flowers out of which 7,000 of them appear nowhere else in the world. Therefore, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


A meat feast that started off as a low-key butcher (Mzoli Ngcawuzele) started selling meat from his garage. Today local and tourist flock to choose meat from the counter and then experience a freshly grilled meat feast cape town style. A Good place to meet locals and be a part of the culture.